Intertrafik is a national and international mooving company that wants to be and stay as a market leader.

For that our porpuse will be:

Anticipate to the client needs.

Messure and enhance the quality of our services.

Keep in developing an honest organization.





Intertrafik wants to be a leader, nationaly and internationally, and we will persue that goal

doing our job better, faster and with an uncomparable quality.




Quality Values

Intertrafik is committed with effort and dedication to:

Participate in the training of personnel, the largest capital that the company has, to be at the forefront of the challenges of the world market.

Negotiate fair and equitably with our business partners and suppliers, recognizing mutual interests, demanding the highest efficiency and quality for the benefit of customers.

Be respectful and punctual in the fulfillment of ethical and legal commitments, as well as the requirements applicable to their activity in society.

Create a work environment such that is done in an organized, safe and respectful of labor standards and labor rights.

Turn attention to customers and service quality into constant improvement objectives. It is our work philosophy.




Intertrafik S.R.L. is a Uruguayan company, founded in 1975, being since that date (with its 34 years) of uninterrupted commercial life, the second oldest Company in this Sector.

Being attended by its owners, allows us to offer a more personalized service, by establishing closer and direct links with our customers.

Our staff forms an exceptional team both professionally and humanly, with many years of activity in our company, pouring all their experience in the optimization of our services, to meet the highest demands of our customers.

We transfer personal effects to any part of the world and we have the best reception agents at any point of destination, qualified by international conventions for this purpose.

The transport of these can be air, maritime and / or land, depending on the country of destination and its cubic footage, using the best means of transport required by each move, namely: Lift Vans built to measure each in the first case, in the second case it will be transported in 20 'or 40' containers and in the third one in a closed container truck.

Our motto is: "When one thing is important to you, all care is little for Intertrafik. "



Services Quality:


As our main line of business international removals, special packaging and industrial, we have the obligation to offer the guarantee that means the professionalism with which we develop, the result of our extensive and unblemished trajectory

Expanding our range of services, we provide our customers with the Customs Clearance necessary for the entry or exit of their removals from and to their destination, as well as our deposit to temporarily stow their removals while the necessary documents and procedures are processed by our Customs National.

Our experience in the Market allows us to make the service more agile, where you intervene only when your signature is required.

Our goal is to move your belongings in the shortest possible time at the best cost and that your belongings reach their destination in the same state they left.

The Quality Register of Intertrafik is present from the moment it comes into contact with us, until the moment in which the last process ends at destination, providing personalized advice at all times.

Intertrafik has its own packaging and materials department, which continuously searches and tests new safer and more efficient solutions so that its line of packers

Apply in your responsible task.


Our company also creates and executes packaging appropriate to the transport of objects outside the standard, such as artistic pieces, maquettes, paintings, crystal chandeliers, sculptures, fine ornaments, etc. When these objects require a special packaging treatment, which includes wooden boxes tailored to those pieces, to better preserve what you need.

We have been working since our beginnings with the main Ministries, which have entrusted us with the transfer of the belongings of the Diplomatic and Administrative Officials that move abroad, as well as of different Diplomatic Corps located in our Country, Individuals and Multinational Companies.

We also offer you the hiring of the different types of Insurance, according to your need to provide coverage of your move, issued in Uruguay by one of the best International Insurers, with Agents around the World, which will offer absolute peace of mind , within the stress that produces a move.

The importers of different goods have our deposit at your disposal, we provide the services of loading, unloading and stowing your merchandise with distribution of the same, control of stock and sealing of your invoices by customers, which gives you peace of mind. : "Received in good order"


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